Sunday, March 13, 2005

Quick Question....Need your help!

Hey I noticed that nobody is posting comments so it made me wonder if anybody was actually reading. A couple days ago a friend emailed me to say that she could not post comments to my blog. Has this happened to anybody else?

They just changed the way you can post so you do not have to register but I am new to this and do not know much about it. When I tried to post a comment to my own blog it seemed to work but I did not actually follow through with putting in an actual comment. Perhaps I will just try on this entry and write "test" or something.

Please do me a favor and try to post a comment. If it does not work then send me a private email to let me know.



Rebecca said...

Testing 1 2 3! It is me! Hope this works!

Rebecca said...

okay it works for me so I am at a loss here. Kristy perhaps there was a problem with the server at the time? Maybe they were updating at the moment you tried to post.

Hey can you send me the link to your blog again because I accidentally deleted my "friend's webpages" folder from my bookmarks when I thought I was editing out expired pages. Thanks!

For the others, please try to post a comment to see if it works.

Pat said...

I"ve been reading your blog and it is very informative on what you are going through.

Rebecca said...

Thanks! Glad to know that posting the comments section is up and running. I will do my best to keep it updated. when I did not post for awhile was before I starting taking the steroids and it was really hard to coordinate my fingers and type. It took too long then and I did not have the patience to sit at the computer.

If that happens again when I go off the roids I will try to write shorter posts.

catie said...

I've been reading your blog. I'm busy with work, etc, so I'm glad to read it to know what's going on and so forth. Thanks for writing.

=) Catie

By the way, I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment without signing up for an account.

Jennie said...

Since I don't use Blogger anymore (and I never used Blogger comments, only my own), I can't tell you how to change the settings to allow anonymous comments - which I'm pretty sure is why people have to register with Blogger to comment.

Rebecca said...

Thanks everyone for testing out the comments and posting. Apparently you still have to register. I need to get ready for my appointment today as it is a long drive over to north seattle from here. There is a way to post annonymously so you do not have to register but I think I have to select it in my settings. If I do so, I will need people to include their name in the post so I know who it is from as your name will not appear if you have not registered.

Have a great day! It is really nice here! It is a shame I have to go to the doctor's today and sit in an office. Maybe I will stop on the way home and take a walk before it gets dark.

Kristy said...

Hi, Becca, they must have been updating the server at the time I was trying to post comments. Here's hoping this one will work this time. :)

Kristy said...

Also, my blog is at if anyone wants to go and visit it. :)