Saturday, October 13, 2007

Calm after the storn

Today was a day of total resting. I probably did the most resting I have done since the surgery. If it had not been for having to go for a walk (my responsibility due to this leg clot and taking care of myself and also needing to walk Katie and Jake), I would not have made it out of my PJs at all.

The best I can describe it for you is imagine you are on a sailing journey and are hit by a white squall which is an intense and sudden whorlwind of a storm. Everything is hectic and you must put all your skills and preparations together to make it through in one piece. You are on constant alert until it passes which can be pretty stessful and you must be decisive and correct in your decision making if you are to survive. Then once it passes and the weather is calm, you can relax and be relieved. There is a period of no wind as the sun breaks through the clouds. You have a moment of peace before you set your sails again to continue on your journey. That moment for me was this morning.

I missed the morning walk scheduled for 8:00 as I did not wake until about 8:30 am. It was dreary and raining outside anyway which did not motivate me to want to get out of my warm dry pjs and comfy daybed. Thus we bargained for an alternative scheduled time for our walk which ended up being from 5-6 pm. By then it turned into a beautiful dry fall day. The walk was lovely with the sun shining through the trees colored shades of yellow, rust, green, and burned orange and crispy fallen leaves covering the trail.

I was also able to finish watching the movie I started on Wednesday which I found to be incredibly inspirational and uplifting. It really does the soul good to watch something positive......even better when it is a true story. For those that are interested, the movie is "We are Marshall" starring Matthew Fox (from the tv series Lost and prior from the popular tv drama Party of 5) and Matthew McConaughey who is in a plethora of movies. Both are excellent actors and make a fabulous pairing in this movie.

It was a good day of rest as I greatly needed it and I still don't feel so hot as the steroids need to kick in. I am still having headaches, muscle soreness, not really much of an appetite although I do make certain I eat all meals (the past two days have been chicken and soup days), a little dizzy, and slightly nauseated. Let's hope I am successful in getting good rest tonight and start feeling better tomorrow. Tomorrow (Saturday) is planned to be a chilling out rest day too. I have no plans of going anywhere (aside from our walk which we have scheduled for the afternoon).

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