Monday, October 29, 2007

Milestones for the Week

This is just a short note:

- walked everyday last week covering at least 24 miles; Saturday was my longest trek since the surgery of 6 miles so I am told (went into a volkssport event where I thought I was going to walk a 5 K but Harley told me we walked a 10 K; LOL No wonder I was so tired when I got home and had to nap!)

- drove again by self to Carnation during the day which went well (3-4 times); drove a mile from house to neighborhood close by; tonight drove all the way to Redmond (10 miles) and drove back at night (20 miles total)

- stood up in the shower last Saturday (ok but little uneasy); continued to take a standing shower as normal throughout the week which became easier for my balance each time; my brain and body are learning; the shower seat is not used anymore

- went to gym for the first time last Monday (once this week) and did an upper body workout for toning - good; seemed to help hand weakness (writing is still difficult but doing weights appeared to improve it somewhat)

- more sunny days which made for nice walks :o) - Saw both mountain ranges - Olympics and Cascades which had a little snow on top

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