Monday, October 29, 2007

My HUGE address book project

All of you in my address book received an email from me asking for your contact info and I provided ours. This is a GIGANTIC laborious project for me which I finally started last week. It was supposed to be tackled before the surgery but I just did not get to it in time.

Right now the address book is a huge mess and I discovered over the last year that there are total gaps. There are addresses I thought I entered only to find when I want to send someone a card there is nothing there. Likewise, this has also happened with phone numbers. After my deafness I went through a phase of choosing not to call people as it was a pain. Unfortunately, I got so into the habit of not getting numbers that I didn't know anyone's but my husband's cell phone number which got me into a pickle a few times as that was my only option of someone to call. Since then, I have added a few numbers to my text phone for emergencies. Still, I have had situations where I needed to call someone and then realized I did not have their phone number and they are not into the habit of checking their email regularly. Everyone has different communication needs and methods by which to be contacted.

Further, in the email I provide additional info such as birthdays, anniversaries, pet's names, websites, organizations and groups affiliated with. Composing this I realized I have done lots of stuff and have come across many people. Sorry but the past 3 years I have had some major memory problems (a head full of brain tumors are bound to do that at some point). If we exchanged an email once or twice in that time frame I may not remember so it would be incredibly helpful for you to tell me where our paths have crossed.

If it seems excessive to want to know all this information I want you to know that it is important to me. It is a strategy for me to help remember. When I was student teaching I learned how important it was to remember students' names AND pronounce them correctly. In a quarter there would be 150-160 students' names to memorize which is quite a load. Therefore, I would have to pick something unique and special about each student that would help jog my recall (this strategy is discussed by the coach in the movie "We Are Marshall"). Believe me, students were NOT happy if you could not remember their name or how to pronouce it.

Anyhow, yeah. I need to know your kids names too and their ages so I don't look like a fool thinking you have two girls when you have two boys or that you have babies when they are actually 4 feet tall or more. I want to know too if you are pet people like we are.

Basically I am starting over fresh- clean slate. So even if you think I have the info don't assume. It takes lots of time to try to enter all the info from handwritten or transfer from my current address book format to the new. I am cutting and pasting the info into a word format as I receive it which I can transfer to the new program when complete. Therefore, I need you to put your email address in there also to make it easier.

Here is what I am looking for:

Home Phone
Cell or text phone (please indicate if you can do text messages)
Email addresses (please indicate which you use most often)
Websites or Blogs if any
Partner/Spouse's name
Anniversary if applicable
Pets and names
Kids and names with birthdays

The last thing I forgot to include until someone emailed it to me was my Instant Messenger ID. If you would like mine, please email me. If you would like to communicate that way please also provide your ID so that I can add you to my friends list. Just a note is that I use instant messenger like a phone. My computer is always on and I can get the message when I return.

If you wish not to share with me the last 4 items above that is fine.

Thanks to everyone who has responded already! This is great! I am planning to seperate you into groups such as NF2 members, family, friends, medical contacts, etc. It will take quite awhile to get this established but once set in place it will really make life smoother.

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