Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things ARe Looking Up

Short note-

I got about 5 hours of sleep last night without waking up and then I slept in for another 2 and a half hours. We were not ready to take out walk at 8 am and fell back asleep. This ended up being a good thing as it is an absolutely beautiful day! We took our walk this afternoon in the sunshine, warm weather (not needing a jacket), and lovely fall color bursting out in the sun.

My concentration now on walking is control and form instead of speed. Yet I am pretty speedy now. As a result of NF2 I tend to drag my feet and wear out the tread and the heels of the shoes. My first pair of Keens are completely torn up like the dogs chewed them and so I wear them around the yard. My second pair is going to and my new Vasques that I just started wearing for hiking in July and walking this fall are already getting the heel tread worn down. Thus I need to work on proper heel to toe form to prevent/lessen this or the shoe companies are going to make a mint off of me!

It was so nice out and I felt so great that I walked the longer distance on the trail that I worked up to doing in an hour of used for running. My form was really good today and I have picked up speed which I attribute to all my training prior to the surgery. I wanted to walk again, walk my dogs, and continue living in my home which has stairs. Hence I had to and have to continue to do my best to attain that goal.

This afternoon we are going to the first ALDA BBQ being held out here. The organization (Association of Late Deafened Adults - which means open to anyone who has developed and hearing loss later in life after learning spoken language) just formed in April. At the beginning of my hearing loss in 1999 this group was active but then dissipated for whatever reason. Now it is coming alive once again since that the president has moved back to Seattle after leaving the area and living in California for a number of years.

With that I have to go get ready. Let's hope this improvement holds. Yesterday was my 2 mg steroid day and today I take 1 mg. Usually I start not feeling too well and getting headaches later in the day. So far so good. I hope that this will continue as I am weaned off the medication. I would venture to say that today is the best I have felt since the surgery. My hand is also getting stronger, writing improving, my tongue tingling on the right side, and parts of my head, face, and mouth becoming unnumb. Earlier in the week I realized I had been chewing on my lip unknowingly as the day it became unnunb I discovered a huge sore! Since I have had to be careful about what I am chewing and the size of things I put in my mouth so I am not knawing on my lip.

Ok gotta go! Have a pleasant Sunday! :o)

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