Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Midweek Update for 3rd week of October

I am kind of in a fizzled out writing phase.

Let's see. Quick notes until my writing brain returns -

Monday I rested around in my PJs all day until our evening walk at 5 pm. It rained all day so I am not sure if that contributed to my slump of lethary and napping.

It was still drizzling on our walk making it a misty fall stroll but it was very suitable for an October autumn day. It was like jumping into the set of Lord of the Rings and felt rather enchanting and mystical. Again the walk invigorated me and my pace and gait are doing great!

Tuesday we missed our walk as we headed to Portland for my follow-up appointment at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Seeing I forgot my darn medication that I take in the evening and I also had an appointment for another ultrasound Wednesday morning, we headed straight back home afterward only stopping for a bite to eat on the way. The appointment with Steven Giles, who is Dr. Delashaw's physician assistant went very well. I have to go through the notes my captioner Elizabeth sent to me before I provide a report.

This morning (Wednesday) we headed over to Evergreen hospital in Kirkland for my ultrasound. As I mentioned last week, a tight soreness developed in my right calf which we discovered through an ultrasound last week is a small blood clot. Today we were following up to see if it dissipated. It is still there but fortunately not migrating and there is no pain in my leg. I believe the plan is to continue to monitor it and again have another ultrasound in a week.

Also, today is my final day of taking the 2 mg of Decadron which I changed to a morning schedule today (partly so I would feel good throughout the day and the other part so I can get good sleep this evening as I was not able to the past two nights.) For the past two nights I fell asleep early on the couch while watching a program only to wake up hours later with a headache. Both times are the first bad dreams I recall having since the surgery too.

Starting tomorrow I drop down to 1 mg of Decadron for a week which I am hoping works out for me. I really do not like going through steroid withdrawls (bad headaches, nausea, dizziness, and total muscle/body soreness). Let's hope I can kick it this time for good.

That's all for now! The last two days I missed my walk as they were appointment days. Tomorrow I will be back on track so hopefully it does not rain. My eyes have been bothering me (sore and fuzzy feeling) the past couple days and I am kind of off and dizzy. They are the type of days where focusing on something is lots of effort I think because it strains my eyes too much. Perhaps getting some adequate rest tonight will alleviate the problem.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there-you're doing a remarkable job of recovering from major surgery! I'm sure some days will be better than others and I won't even pretend to know what you're going through, but I know your strong will and unfailing determination will have you achieving whatever goals you set your mind to!
Take care!