Saturday, January 22, 2011

"C' the cool "cat"

You kitty lovers will like this and not feel left out seeing my recent post a this week focused on dogs.
With the exception of our friend KC's crazy parrot who has bitten me TWICE and HARD, I tend to have animal magnatism. Even fish at the aquarium will gravitate towards me and follow me along the glass! Way cool by the way!

With my babies so far away, I still managed to have a friend keep me company when off the mountain. Their was a very sweet hotel cat who followed me all over in the main lounge and meal area. If I sat in the common area using Harley's IPAD, he sat right next to me. When dining at the table, he was politely sat right at my feet!

He reminded me of my sister's french bichon dog that my family adopted while I was on the east coast for a summer when I was 19. Oddly when I first came home, it was as if he already knew me and immediately cozied up to me whether I was agreeable to it or not (you have to understand that he was the first small nonhunting indoor dog my family ever had....and he was WHITE! It was a little bit of a shocker to warm up to.)

Anyhow, although I am a dog person there are cats of friends and family who win me over. This fellow all the way in Africa was the sort of chap and I was sad to have to say goodbye as ours was a short love affair.

Here are some pictures of him snuggled in his napping nesting spot among the flower beds just off the porch dining hall. How precious, eh?

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