Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who Let the "Dogs" Out?

DJ and my neice Jazz (Jasmine) and me with Santa Spud on Christmas Eve

Left: Katie and Jake during the first snow before thanksgiving enjoying their new digs INSIDE the house on their new pet beds - Jake is daydreaming looking out at the snow and Katie is looking at the camera
Below: Jake is being effectionate with mommy after having a joyous ball opening presents on Christmas day.

We are a family of dog lovers. Ever since I was in the third grade we have had a dog as the main pet. As a matter of fact, none of us 3 kids have any children (human that is) but we all have dogs, including mom and dad. Therefore, our pets (our kids) are the total center of our world. Both my sister and I have 2 dogs, a boy and girl respectively while my brother has a dog and 2 cats.
Mine are actually true blood brother and sister from the same litter. My husband affectionately adopted them for me for my 30th birthday and they could not have come at a better time. I was diagnosed with NF2 only a year and a half to 2 years prior and things changed rapidly. They filled a real void while my hearing dwindled and have brought me years of joy despite peroids of turmoil. No matter how sad I may be or how painfully I may be injured, they always manage to change the mood (with the exception of naughty times rolling in horse or goose poop, chasing after a wild animal for long periods of time, or refusing to get back in the truck when it is time to go. All kids have to have some bad habits I guess.)
Spud and Jazz are just as dear to my heart and they LOVE auntie Becky as well as uncle Harley. When I come over they can barely contain themselves. I spent the weekend with them while my sister and DJ were out of town.
Before I left, I went for a quick run and twisted my ankle because I could not estimate the drop in the curb with the double vision compounded by the dim street lights. Back at the house while stretching, I winced in pain when my ankle gave a sharp crack while I was stretching. Concerned that I was hurt, just like Katie and Jake do, they were immediately licking me to death until my grimace turned into a smile and then laugh.
Click the following link to see how to sign "dog": http://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/dog

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