Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Water - The Essential Ingredient of Life

Click the following link to see how to sign water:

Note - It is not exactly clear in the annimation so I will tell you exactly how to sign "water". Form the letter W on your dominant hand. Your pinky and thumb should touch each other while your remaining 3 fingers point up resembling the letter W. Keeping your hand in that formation, bring your hand toward your lips with your pointer finger gently tapping the middle of your mouth.

Water is a priviledged luxury that we take for granted in developed countries, most especially in areas where water is abundant. In third world countries such as Africa, Mexico, and Central America, bottled water MUST be used for everything which comes in contact with your mouth including brushing your teeth. (I have a horrible story about when I forgot to close my mouth while showering in Mexico and became FRIGHTENING ill).

Everyday we went through a few big bottles of water as you see here (that is Harley at the breakfast table of the Dik Dik hotel). Kilimanjaro is the main bottling distributor in all of Tanzania - or at least the areas of the country we visited.

On Kilimanjaro, they add purification tablets to the water and we are instructed to bring powdered drink mix to make it taste better. Every night the porters collected everyones bottles and hydration pack to fill for the day ahead. For this reason, everyone has their name marked in permanent ink to avoid a mixup. From what I remember, breakfast drinks on the mountain were juice, coffee, or a special vasoconstricting tea which they also served at short breaks during the hike.

The other 2 photos are from our venture in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific NW where water is in endless supply and yearly there is even a period of flooding in the valleys.

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