Monday, March 14, 2005

Harley and I at my morning graduation ceremony for the College of Education Posted by Hello

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Rebecca said...

Okay I could not sleep so I am playing around with posting photos. I wanted to post a profile pic but this one came out first as a post. I was the first deaf teacher to graduate from the University of Washington Teacher Education program on June 12th, 2004.

My degree is a Masters in Teaching for Secondary Science Education: all science subjects. I hold primary broad endorsements in Biology, Earth Science, and General Science. I attained my undergrad 10 years prior in Zoology at Northern Michigan University.

I walked in both the small department ceremony and the large ceremony with over 4500 students. I was not going to but I am really glad I did as this was a great achievement for me and really helped me to handle going through losing my hearing and adjusting to life with NF2. I also happened to be the ONLY deaf student who participated in the ceremony. I know there are a couple others who are deaf (out of 30,000 students who go to the UW) but I do not think they graduated yet.