Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Songs on my mind during the waking hours

Here are a few of the tunes that have popped into my head for no apparent reason over the past week or so during the hours that I am awake.

"Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum
"Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkle
"Angel" by Aerosmith
"Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buffet
"Volcano" by Jimmy Buffet
"Son of a Son of a Sailor" by Jimmy Buffet
"God Blessed Texas" by Little Texas
"Fields of Gold" by Sting


Anonymous said...

Its me Angel....being that you were a hearing person, do you still hear the songs the way they were??
Do you still hear the actual voice? I know that you hear them from inside and not outside...I know that one time you told me that the thing you would miss the most, would be music.
I love you Becky, I wish I could give you your hearing back.

Rebecca said...

Yeah I hear them from memory in my brain. Sometimes I will forget the way a tune was played and it makes it really hard to create.....it is not like I can go pop in the CD. LOL

When I see movies with actors and actresses that I am familiar with, they have the same voice that they did when I was hearing. I have to admit it is very difficult to fit a popular actor or actress in the new annimated films they are coming out with (you know cartoon movies such as "Shark Tale"). I had to concentrate really hard to fit Will Smith's voice to the guppy fish and Jack Black's to the shark. Jack Black was easier. If I do not see the actual person it is hard to create their voice in my brain. For instance, I just could not get Angelina Jolie's or Michelle Pfiefer's voice to match the characters in "Shark Tale" and "Sinbad and the seven seas". With cartoon characters my brain just seems to assign whatever voice seems appropriate.

Rebecca said...

Sometimes I really miss Loreena McKennit (celtic singer for those who are unfamiliar). I so longed to listen to all her CDs on Saint Patrick's day!

I also miss culural music which I really enjoy. One of my favorite CDs in the end there was "Music of the Andes"....perurvian tunes. LOL I drove Harley nuts listening to it all the time.

While traveling I think music is a really important experience in many cultures. I am disappointed that I will not be able to hear and experience that in my future foreign travels.

In the 4th of July parade though I was still able to feel the deep base of the drums (I forgot what they are called) of the chinese group.

Anonymous said...

feeling the beat sometimes moves ya more than hearing the beat. When I realized that you were losing your hearing, I would experiment with feeling the beat. I would take ear plugs even though I could hear the beat faintly, I would go to the speaker and feel the beat. I did that long ago, hell I was still living in Snohomish at the time. I love ya Becky, I really do. Music lives in the heart and the soul. You definitely have a constant beat in your's!

Rebecca said...

You know? I used to do that too before I lost my hearing. I found there really is no way to emulate it unless it happens. I had 5 years to prepare myself so when it happened, I was kind of like "OK this is it. I guess it is here now.....that sucks!"

There was one time we visited Mexico and I got really sick. On the way back from the ruins the pressure changes from the elevation changes made me go temporarily deaf for a few minutes. At the time it was very scary but of course I was running an extremely high fever and my whole body hurt!

Anonymous said...

You ate too many burritos!! hahahahaha!!1 When I go to Mexico, I eat too damn much!! hahahaha!!

Steven said...

Somebody's a Parrothead! :D

(I am too.)

When I get to the point where I'm at the last of my hearing, I'm going to devote a good bit of time to setting up my internet radio station one last time, and keep it running. I'm shopping for a set of amplified headphones now, because the ones I have are about useless with both the computer volume and the headphone volume both turned up.

I'm finding now that I have to ask Sally what song is playing when I see her start humming in a restaurant, since I can't hear it. I'll catch a note every now and then, and my mind fills in the blanks. Sometimes I find out that the song has changed while I'm still "listening" to the previous one. :p

Rebecca said...

Steven I know exactly how you feel! The last concert I went to was in November of 2002 I believe. I finally got to see Aerosmith and I was so excited as I just LOVE Steven Tyler's voice.

Kid Rock opened for them and it sounded just terrible! I could not understand anything! The speaker volume was too much for my hearing aide and the dampner system kicked in garbing the music. I can't even begin to describe what that was like!

It just was not working so I had to take the hearing aide out which rendered me nearly deaf. When Aerosmith came on I could not hear Steven Tyler's wonderful howls! It took me at least a minute into each song to recognize it! Then the same thing happened where I would have the tune playing in my head and the song would change and I could not figure it out for awhile.

It was disappointing hearingwise but still cool. I finally got to see Aerosmith! It was at the Tacoma Dome and the light display was fantastic! Plus Steven Tyler always seems to wear some interesting outfit. I could tell when they played a ballad because everyone turned on their lighters. It was beautiful! I recall lights reflecting off the ceiling too that were very mesmorizing.