Friday, June 02, 2006

Still Here!!!!!

Hey TJ and anyone else reading!

I am still around. I have just been really busy since the Relay event. The Relay for Life went very well! We had a fantastic team! I was waiting to write about it until I got the digital photos from a friend.

After Relay I had a job meeting about possibly teaching online (telecommuting from home) in the future, 2 doctor appointments, a bathroom remodel project in which I am responsible for the painting scheme (which is proving to be more difficult to do now with my imbalance, uncoordinated hands, and lower tolerance for patience), and finally my Team in Training practice started this week in which I will walk a marathon in November to benefit the Leukimia and Lymphoma Society.

I did find out last week that my blood test in April revealed I am slightly anemic which caused a little bit of anxiety for a few days. My Hodgkin's disease began with a slight anemia and my grandfather is currently battling a blood cancer. Therefore, any type of abnormal readings make me a little uneasy. Once you have had cancer, the thought of recurrance is always in the back of your mind.

I have had some wounds that have healed nicely though so that is a good sign. After 3 pokes at the blood lab for another test, they were able to draw enough out of me for a more updated CBC (Complete Blood Count). I am anxiously awaiting those results this week along with the results of a bone density scan I had done on Tuesday.

I wrote a post yesterday morning but saved it as a draft and never published it. It was about my reflection of doing the Relay that occured to me when I saw a cancer patient at the medical center on Tuesday. I am happy and feel that I am doing good things. My life keeps me busy and I always strive to get the most out of it.

Okay. I need to get to bed as I have a big day tomorrow with many tasks that must be done. Saturday I have a training session very early in the morning in Seattle and after my training I plan to meet up with my signing friends at the annual Deaf and Deaf Blind picnic in West Seattle.

Have a great weekend and TJ thanks for letting me know somebody is reading.

- Beck :o)


Angel said...

and still you contnue to be your strng and loving and caring self. See, I would have told the world to leave me alone, but you continue to fight not only for yourself but for others with all that you are and all that you do. For this I am grateful that there are those in this world, who get past the "why me crap" and continue to fight. I hold you high and support all that you do. There is no one quite like you!

Angel said...

you da bomb baby!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your encouraging words!

I don't believe that you would tell the world to leave you alone. Angel it would drive you nuts! LOL You are a people person.

I had a good long walk with the dogs today. I saw 4 young eagles flying above the pond. Either that or they were the most gigantic ravens I ever saw! I could not see white heads so that is why I think they were younger birds. The wing span, shape of the wings, and the way they glided sure looked like eagles to me. It was a nice surprise. ;+)

It's me, T.J. said...

It's *good* that you are still 'here'.