Monday, April 07, 2008

Attack #2 for the year

This evening I went for a run followed by a walk up on the Redmond Ridge. I started out wearing my gloves and after I finished a 38 minute run I had to take my gloves off as my hands became too warm. Following my run, I walked briskly for another 38 or 40 minutes while the sun faded and the temperature dropped slightly. I began to cool off so I put my gloves back on.

When I was finished with my route I stopped at the nearby QFC to pick up some yogurt smoothies as they didn't carry them at the QFC in Carnation where I ventured on a long walk last Thursday. In addition to the smoothies, there was a sale on all sorts of yogurt so I picked out flavors I liked and then grabbed a couple frozen meals out of the freezer section.

Minutes later while driving home, the middle finger on my left hand felt stiff and cold whereas the others seemed fine. I put on my gloves and when I got home the finger was all white like it was dead. I had to rub it vigorously under hot water to restore the color and bring it back to life.
This time was not too extreme as there was no tingling when its vitality came back and there were no color changes from white to blue to purplish black before turning red (as the attack I had last year after touching something cold in the grocery store). I am wondering if seeing as the same finger on the left hand succumbed to the attack, if it could perhaps be related to pressure being exerted on my brainstem from the tumor on the left side. I really wish I had kept track of which hand was being affected by the Raynard's last year. It seems to only appear in the spring even though I still wear gloves like in the winter. The timing of the occurance is a mystery. ????

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