Thursday, July 24, 2008

Commitment - Walk The Talk

An exerpt from Mac Anderson's new book "Walk the Talk":

Abraham Lincoln had this to say about commitment:

"COMMITMENT is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words.

It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism."

Commitment can be a tough challenge at times (especially during moments of discouragement). Perhaps that is the test. Can you truely hang in there? Do you really stand for what you believe? Have you whole heartedly really given of yourself and fulfilled your full potential? Do you walk the talk?

When I reflect on the meaning of commitment a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt comes to my mind:
"You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."

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Kathy said...

Thank you for posting today. Your positive outlook is so refreshing & inspiring!