Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello from the top of Little Si

On Saturday, August 3rd, fellow Team Survivor NW friend Jane Braziunas and I hiked to the top of Little Si in North Bend, WA. In the mist behind me looms Big Mount Si (elevation 4137 feet and 8 miles) which I used to hike before losing my balance.
Although smaller with a lot less elevation (elevation gain 1200 feet), this trail was tough and a challenge for me due to the terrain. I used hiking poles to negotiate safe footing and to keep from falling over in many spots. As I explained to Jane, the poles function more for stability for me than an aide to altitude hiking. Even with the immense gains I have achieved in leg strength and balance by lifting weights and using the BOSU device, my legs still quiver like a twig about to snap when I am standing on a hillside
To view more photos of the hike, please visit my picassa albums at the following site:
I was completely estatic to reach this point which is one of my favorite views from the top of Little Si.
A link to a website about the hikes and mountains can be found by clicking the lighthouse icon in the post title. The link brings you to the site for the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce which has maps and a beautiful landscape view of Mount Si.
I will be passing by these two mountains on my low elevation hike on the Snoqualmie Trail September 7th.

P.S. - Thanks Jane! This really meant a lot to me and I appreciated your patience, companionship, and enjoyed hiking with you! I look forward to our next adventure! We will have to visit Wallace Falls which I have not been to in many years. :o)

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Anonymous said...

What an inspiration you are!!! I really didn't know how difficult this was for you, although I pointed out your shaking legs - and that was at the beginning of the hike. -Jane