Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Belated Havest Time

Above are a few photos from when my sister and I visited the corn maze and farm here in Redmond. To see a slideshow of the rest of adventure go here:

This year the corn maze was nice and lots of fun for me as my balance has improved greatly! Last time we went to a corn maze together was in Bosie, Idaho in Sept 2005 when my balance was still very poor. I had difficulty walking on the uneven ground and needed to use a hiking staff. The fun and games all ended when I got poked in the eye with corn and could not see well. No eye poking on this trip! The maze had a question game about agriculture. Guess the right answer and you went the correct way! Guess wrong and you hit a dead end!

Yeah, we did hit some deadends but made it all the way through to our prize of a mini pumpkin at the end! :o)

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