Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Revisit of My Goals

When I came home from surgery in the fall of 2007, Harley and I talked about goals. I felt kind of corny but he wanted me to tell him and write down my goals. Although they started out kind of simple, my goals grew throughout the year.

Here are the 3 goals I wrote down and posted next to my computer that I wanted to achieve in 2008 (and yes, I accomplished them all and added to the list as the year progressed)

1. Improve handwriting and learn to write again.
2. Climb the Columbia Tower
3. Run a 10K

Within the last hour and after reading the newsletter by Mac Anderson, it reminded me to write down my new goals for 2009.

Here is the list I have written in blue ink posted next to my computer monitor which I see every morning and several times a day.

1. Lose 7 lbs.

2. Finish painting the entire main floor of the house. (I got a start with a trial run on 2 walls and I restored an area downstairs and made a pantry in 2008; so far since my balance began improving, I have taken on 3 painting projects in the house. The first was really a challenge because I had not built up enough strength yet for stability which makes painting really difficult.)

3. Climb the columbia tower and raise at least $100 for LLS (the requirement is $50 so I doubled it, last year there was no requirement and my sister and I raised about $1900).

4. Run a half marathon in May/raise $5000 for NF2 research (in May I decided to do a 31.5 mile hike to fundraise for NF2 research. My initial goal was $3800 which I raised to $5000 and reached over $5200).

5.Complete 20-30 dives for the year (scuba).

6. Wake up early and go to bed early in order to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule.

7. Blog every week (you may have noticed I let it slide over the last couple months). The key is to be consistent.

8. Help organize and clean the garage (a task we have put off for 5 years).

9. Finish putting together the glass and wood curio cabinet which we have been carting around for years and has been collecting dust in storage.

#10 I need to do some more thinking about. I know there are other things I wanted to accomplish this year but I have forgotten at the moment.

See what happens when you don't write them down!

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