Friday, January 22, 2010

Surviving Day 2

Top: Breakfast; 4 egg beaters with green pepper, green onion, mushroom, ham, a minute amount of reduced fat shredded mexican cheese topped with picante salsa and 2 cups coffee with a half cup lactose free soy milk, a sugar substitute packet, and 2 teaspoons armaretto creamer coffee flavoring (less than a serving)

Bottom: Lunch; left over Larb Gai thai food which is ground chicken with cooked with red onion, fresh cilantro, chili sauce and with a slice of cabbage - This is VERY GOOD and a perfect South Beach phase 1 entre. Crying Tiger is another perfect phase 1 meal.
For the recipe, visit this link:

Well I survived day 2 pretty well and even went to Trader Joe's hungry in the evening where they have all sorts of yummy chocolates and snacks! I ate a few celery sticks before I went in and surprisingly I was not tempted at all by the chocolates and stuck to a healthy selection: frozen edamame (soybeans), chopped spinnach, artichoke hearts, salmon steaks, marinated tuna steaks, salsa, and one treat for when I reach phase 2 which is a bag of wasabi green peas (peas are a carb not allowed in phase 1).

I also managed to go for a run without any carbs/sugar to pump me up or sustain me. I was quite tired before the run in the late afternoon as I had been up since 6:30 am. My personal training was scheduled for 6:30 pm so I contemplated getting in a power nap beforehand. However, doing so would sacrafice the last hour of daylight left for me to take the dogs on a run. Therefore, I downed a packet of diet FRS supplement and 3/4 cup black coffee as I wanted to avoid a 2nd sugar substitute packet for the day.

I made it through a 36 minute run with just enough time to unload the dogs, grab some food to take along, and change for training before the half hour drive to the gym. I was pretty tired on the drive along the one lane road and hoped I would make it back ok later that night. Usually I do a strength training workout following my training session. However, after being up for over 12 hours, a 36 minute run, and an intense upper body workout, I was a little pooped out. Therefore, I did a 15 minute stair climb at level 10 followed by some good stretching and a few exercises for the abs before calling it a night.

Surprisingly after eating the celery and a half cup of cottage cheese, I was pretty satisfied and made the drive home just fine (I think pondering breaking into the bag of wasabi peas may have helped stimulate my brain too!). LOL No, I was a good girl and saved them for my pantry. ;-)

I want to point out that the Larb Gai is not only a wonderful phase 1 dish but it is fantastic anti-tumor food. Lately on our online NF2 discussion group Trial Talk, there was mention of the book "Anti-cancer: A New Way of Life" by David Servan-Schreiber, MD. Cabbage, onion, and garlic are recommended in the book as powerful anti-cancer ingredients.

12 more days at phase 1! So far, I am having a much easier time. I did want to point out that I made one mistake unknowingly. I was rereading the phase 1 list of foods to avoid and originally thought I could have soy milk and just not regular milk. Apparently you cannot have any kind of milk at all. In my morning coffee I had a half cup of light soy milk unsweetened. So this morning I did without and realized I did not need it at all!

Here is a look at my day 2 menu:


1 cup egg beaters with green pepper, green onion, mushroom, ham, reduced fat cheese, and salsa
2 cups coffee with a half cup light soy milk, 1 sugar substitute packet, and 2 tsp armaretto powdered creamer

Snack: 28 wasabi soy almonds = 1 serving dispersed throughout the day

mid-morning snack: muscle milk light protein shake


leftover Larb Gai thai food
1 cup cinnamon white tea
1 cup decaf green tea

1/4 cup 2% cottage cheese
2 fresh asparagas spears wrapped in lean corned beef lunch meat

Pick me up power drink:

diet FRS supplement
3/4 cup black coffee

Preworkout snack:

reduced fat mozerella cheese stick

Predinner snack:

bag of celery
1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese


Spinach salad with 1/2 cup peppercorn pork, cucumber, 5 cherry tomatoes, and fatfree ranch dressing
1 sugar free hot cocoa

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