Tuesday, August 02, 2011

NF2 Buds Unite

A week ago I had to make another trip to Portland for my 3rd facial rehabilitation appointment with a therapist to
A) See if my face has improved any
B) See if I have been doing the exercises correctly and issue additional exercises and
C) Monitor if there is unwanted movement in the opposite side of my face which will inhibit function on the full paralyzed side.

I don't know how much I should really talk about it because I don't want to come off wrong as "the glass half empty" kind of gal and to detract my focus.

I will say that although not monumental, I did gain the tiniest little bit of dimpling at the corner of my mouth when I try to smile.

In any case, it was a great excuse to travel down to Oregon to spend quality time with my parents and also meet up with my friend Vaughn who I have not seen but briefly one afternoon during my recovery in June. Prior to my surgery, we had not seen each other since we met in May 2009 when my sister and I stopped off on our way back from the Eugene marathon.

Vaughn has NF2 like me and even had a recent brain surgery with the same surgeon in January. As a result of the latest surgery, Vaughn is new to complete deafness. We are a rare bunch so it is always great when NF2 friends can get together to share and swap stories, especially when there are similiarities that others may not understand.

Being the true pal he is, Vaughn traveled into the city to meet us at the zoo when my train rolled into town. What a great sport! I arrived in the afternoon and the zoo closed at 6 pm not leaving us a HUGE amount of time to see everything. Of course you have my mom "miss speedy walker" and then me "the marathon runner". LOL So we certainly gave Vaughn quite a workout while we covered it all! We had a fabulous time! Here are a couple snapshots of us.

Also, Vaughn came to my appointment with us on my last day in town. Afterward, we went to the rose garden to visit for an hour before my train departed back to Seattle.

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