Monday, October 03, 2011

Last Long Run!

Quick note here before I need to hit the hay and get up early for my final run.

Well I made it through to the last official week of marathon training! Can you believe it? It is almost hard to believe myself and most especially hard to believe I had a major brain surgery just over 4 months ago. Wow!

So I hope to fill you in on more details of training as the week progresses but for now just wanted to shoot you an update that I have managed and survived to this point.

How my week went....
On Monday last week I started out with my usual short run that finally dropped down to 3 miles after running several weeks with 5 miles as my shortest run. What a nice treat. Then on Tuesday my second longest run for the week finally dropped to 6 miles from 8. :D Wednesday I made the smart more to forego the weekly power hike - the group did a very long 9 or 11 mile option with over 2000 feet of elevation gain.

Still, my heart ached for a nice hike on quickly dwindling sunny fall days good for hiking. So friday I opted for a 4 mile hike with just over 1000 feet of elevation gain to substitute for my second 3 mile run of the week. The dogs and I savored fresh air and majestic peaks of the mountain range on one of our favorite local treks close to home. I hope you will enjoy the photos and get a sample taste of why I love the NW so much.

Although the shorter days and drizzly cloudy weather is pushing my body into its own little mini hybernation schedule, I did eventually get myself out of the house for that last 8 mile run late Saturday afternoon. Interestingly even with the drastically lower running and hiking mileage, my body still feels sore and sluggish. Yet, I have still managed to maintain a 10 minute per mile pace throughout the entire run while feeling less energetic and slow. The nice thing about learning to run such high mileage is that an 8 miler can become of ease like a 5 or 6 and you can sustain performance better.

Okey doke! Time for bed. More tomorrow night! :D Sleep tight!

Rattlesnake Lake before we started up
Who you looking at?
Time to go!....Here we come mommy!
We're going up there!
The "Rock" - actually there are many of these and even some bigger!
Dreamy Enchanting Forest
On our way UP! This is the first peak of the lake from the trail.
The "BIG" local mountain I like to climb - Mt Si, 8 miles and about 3700 to 3800 feet elevation gain; I have not done this one this year yet!
With my "kids" - Jake is too busy licking my neck to be concerned with having his photo taken.
From the summit:
overlooking the Mt Si and the North Bend valley
Lake Kachess and east further into the Cascade Pass
SE of the summit
Rattlesnake Lake as seen from the top
Hike finale

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