Thursday, October 22, 2009

Antsy in her Pantsy

Becky is awake and talking this morning with a very good first night post-surgery behind her. She had very little nausea (and didn't throw up at all, just dry heaves) and was able to sleep on and off through the night with some major pain around 4 AM because she waited too long to ask for more meds. This is great news compared to her terrible sickness from the anesthesia last time. Big happenings today though! If there is a bed available, she'll be out of the ICU later today, will have a Physical Therapy session this afternoon, and should be able to eat something (she's hungry after not eating for a day and a half so far! Last time she had to wait two days because she was so sick.) The swelling seems to be causing a little bit of facial numbness for her, but we were told her facial nerve wasn't damaged at all in the surgery, so we expect that to go away. The main thing she told me is that she's anxious to get up and walk around!! She is not one to lie in bed unless she's sleeping, so it will be difficult for her to stay in bed and rest. Today's physical therapy should help get her moving and tire her out. More to come later! Thanks for reading and keeping Beck in your thoughts:-)

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Melissa Johnson said...

I'm praying for you Becky. Stay strong and never give up!

Melissa Johnson