Friday, October 02, 2009

Pretty Toes (and fingers too!)

Last week was my 38th birthday so I hinted at an unusual request for my birthday. For an idea of what to get me I suggested a pedicure before my surgery. How odd eh? LOL

On the outside and initial appearance I seem pretty sporty and outdoorsish, even tom boyish at times. But deep down I am quite girlish and like to dress up and look pretty when the occassion calls for it. Afterall, my birthday present from Harley was a new drysuit with pink camoflauge. Hehe Now how girly is that?

I do not paint my fingers or toes because

A) I totally suck at it and end up painting my whole finger! My hands are way too shakey!

B) I am very rugged on my hands and feet where the paint chips off immediately; The only time I treated myself to a pedicure was this summer before our dive vacation. I was totally bummed that the midnight blue paint on my toes rubbed off in less than a week before the beach party I had bought a matching dress to wear to!

C) I never have time to get it done nor to wait for the paint to dry. Further, it is a luxury I not feel worthy of investing in as there are too many other more important things to spend my money on and for the reason stated in B.

But anyhow.......
During surgery, my hospital stay, and recovery, I will not be jumping into a pool or diving, grabbing rocks and outdoor things, nor scratching dried paint with my fingernails because I was too sloppy or scraping anything else for that matter. I will just be lying in bed for a couple weeks and occassionally getting up. After a week in the hospital when I come home, the walking will be quite easy and on level terrain. I will be wearing shoes of course! Therefore, it is a perfect and "safe" time for my digits to look pretty!

Laugh if you must but when you are in the hospital lying in bed dizzy, sick, and with double vision, the only thing you see pretty much are your feet and hands. In that state, you do not feel much like reading and all there is too do is just lie there waiting for the time to pass. You get rather grungy feeling too from having dried blood stuckin your hair combined with the salve like goo they put in your mane to move it out of the way during the procedure. Basically you begin to feel like a sick dirt bag. I figure at least my hands and feet can look good and make me feel somewhat pretty.

So what did my blessed and sweet sister do? She planned to have me come over for an hour and treat me to a personal manicure and pedicure. I had NO IDEA! I thought maybe she got a cake or something and wanted me to come over to eat dinner. LOL

She is just unreal! I am quite lucky! She did not just paint my nails but went all out with the feet and hand soak, scrub, lotion, and clipping and filing as well as rubbing a pumice on my calloused feet! All the while I was pampered, I was treated to champagne and ice cream cake! I've got to have the best sister in the entire world! I was totally taken by surprise!

This was an equally wonderful treat as we planned to go to preop in Portland the following day to finalize the deal. I was a little exhausted from finishing my interior house painting project and cleaning up before we were to leave. So the foot scrub/soak was absolutely glorious and put me more at ease for the upcoming appointment and the reality that the surgery is drawing nearer.

If that was not plenty enough, my sister went ahead and gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure for me to use before I leave for surgery. How incredibly nice, eh?

Thank you Michelle for my special treat! I really enjoyed the manisure/pedicure and spending time with you and the kids (her Boston Terriers Spud and Jasmine). I love you and there would be an empty hole in my life if you were not in it.

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