Monday, May 01, 2006

Swimming in the pool

A few weeks ago Harley and I went swimming at the gym pool one weekend. While I am not able to to swim laps quite fluently and to do the lap lane change (you know that summersault thing that turns you the other direct), I am quite comfortable in the water. I have to admit that I prefer to be swimming under the water with a mask and snorkel than on top of the water without.

It is hard to do the crawl stroke without a mask when there are other people in the pool. When there is a little wave action from other people it is very difficult to balance while standing or to swim straight. I also seem to sink more now than float and when I was trying to do the crawl I ended up swallowing lots of water. The turning of the head back and forth in the crawl stroke disorients me so I have to keep my head straight forward and to also use goggles because I can't close my eyes. If I were to close my eyes I would lose all orientation. In addition, I cannot create a tight seal on my right eye and I would get lots of chlorine in it.

I actually practiced kicking on a kick board and also swimming with a mask and snorkel with my head down. I just LOVE having a mask and snorkel. As long as I am wearing a mask, I can do 6 complete summersaults in one breath. Without a mask I cannot complete 0ne summersault and need assistance to find the surface. It seemed easier to find the surface on my own this time than last summer.

I still really love the water. When I was home a week ago I wanted to waterski again if the water was not so cold. I remember how to do all these things, my body just does not balance. I wondered if I could relearn it somehow and make my body waterski again. I always liked waterskiing over tubing. I have never been much of a tubing fan.

This was our first time in the pool for the year. The last time I was in the pool was on our trip to Arizona. I think we were in the pool 2 or 3 times that vacation (in October) and in the pool 3 times in August when we went to Canada. I am really hoping to go snorkeling in June when we go on our cruise. It would seem a sin to not snorkel in the caribbean! I would love to dive but I have not tried it out again yet. If I cannot dive, there are some tourist submarines to be had in Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

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