Sunday, June 11, 2006


I did not have a chance to write about it but a week ago friday my doctor emailed me back with fantastic news! My bones look great first of all and have not become brittle or damaged by the long course of steroids I took from July 2004-April 2005. YEAH!

The other great news is that my blood work came back looking great. My blood chemistry is back in the normal range for the most part which means I am still in remission and the Hodgkin's Lymphoma has not returned. I am a bit iron deficient which may be from the nose bleeds I was experiencing. I have been taking a supplement and trying to consume things with a higher iron content. I have been recommended to take a "slow release" iron supplement (an overdose of iron is not good for you either) and will get another blood test in 8 weeks.

I also had my thyroid checked as the condition runs in my genetics. I do get tested for it often and for now I seem to be free of the condition.

The news lifted my spirits and made for a great weekend. My mind was put at ease about that worry so that I could focus on my mission ahead: training for the marathon.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend! :o)


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[..]First, don’t panic! Then… [..]

Anonymous said...

Hey great news, thanks for keeping us informed up here

Yvonne Foong said...

Yay! I am glad to know that your condition is stable, Beck. Keep us all hopefully updared!

Rebecca said...

I am not sure if I wrote it in the post but I am not anemic. I am just slightly iron deficient. I am taking a supplement called "Slow FE" which means the slow release of iron. Taking an overdose of iron is bad too so that is why I take the slow FE. I will have another blood test in a about 4 weeks.

Another great source of iron is drinking V8 juice which I never thought I would consume but drink regularily now.

Thanks all for your encouragement and for reading! :o)

Yvonne what a cute picture of you. How did you put it on there?