Monday, July 10, 2006

Relay for Life Photo Slideshow

MY EARLIER MESSAGE: HELP! I can't remember how to create a slideshow to share with you. I have all the photos from the Relay for Life event but I can't recall how to set up a slideshow so I do not have to post one at a time.

Someone who is really savy at blogging and photos please send me your advice under comments.

Thanks to my old friend Jeff Lozon from back at NMU, I was able to figure out how to setup a slideshow again. Jeff if you read this you may be baffled. For some reason I got an invite from you to yahoo photos 360 but you don't have any photos. Anyhow, by going to the link and dinking around in there, I was able to find my previous albums and that of my sister's and brother's. Fortunately I was also able to figure out how to add new photos and create new albums and slideshows. So thanks buddy! :o)

Ok I am creating the slideshow right now. There are lots of photos so I might not be able to finish tonight and tomorrow is my anniversary. I will post what I can and add more later in the week.

Please take time to look at my fantastic group of friends who comprised our team. I will add their names to the photos and descriptions later in the week also.

Note: We are all decked out with tropical shirts, flower lais, grass skirts, boogie boards, and palm trees as our team name and theme was "Guilligan's Cancer Free Island". LOL The palm trees got knocked over from the wind so I kept joking around that we had a hurricane on our island. We really had a great time!

Thanks Diana for your camera to take the pictures and for my teammates who joined in the fun and cause with me: Diana, Laura, Yumi, Kristy, Melody, and George. Special thanks to Laura's children Cody and Destiny who also helped us out and were a part of the team. Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of them in the great shirts Laura had made for them. The shirts have the names of all their family members who have gone through cancer and it is written in honor of them.

Cody is 13 and Destiny is 8. I was completely touched by their dedication and participation in this event. On Saturday May 20th Cody walked 10 miles in memory of his grandfather who had recently passed away. In addition, Destiny made me a very special luminaria candle bag (which I have kept) in honor of my battle with cancer.

It was the dedication and commitment of all these great friends who made the essence of our team. Their positive charm and character encouraged everyone there and we were recognized for the best team spirit. I thank you all for making it such a memorable event!


Anonymous said...

Nice job team captain! The Relay looked like a lot of fun and you did a great job decorating/walking/fundraising! Congrats!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! We did have a great time! WE found out like a week or less prior to the event that we could decorate. That was really exciting! Harley was able to snag some unused Luau decorations from the Tolt Water Facility that were purchased for a luau they never had.

The boogie boards are the ones we bought at Kmart in Santa Cruz during my treatment in California. The towels are mine and George's and of course I had to have the flip flops you bought me to complete the island atmosphere! :o)