Monday, August 07, 2006


Wow! I am really tired today and I don't know why. Yesterday I took a day of rest from walking because I had my swimming class. Today is normally the day of rest but I changed my rest day to Sundays most weeks due to the swimming class. I normally do not get out to walk with the dogs early enough when it is cool and it is hard to walk most often after swimming due to the different coordination required. My brain becomes rewired differently and needs a day to adjust.

I am pretty sore too but I did not swim that hard last night. There was lots of rest stops and instruction between swimming to either end of the pool. I can't tell if I have water in my ears like hearing people. I wonder if other deaf people know if they get water in their ears? I will have to ask.

In any case, I went to bed with lots of head pressure. I tried clearing my ears to no avail. Additionally, I think I might have taken a double dose of my medication. I just could not remember. But I vaguely had a recollection of taking it an hour earlier. I was not sure if I was recalling it from another day. Still better to take a double dose than none as the medicine is trying to save my sight. If I did take a double dose it would make me lethargic so maybe that is what happened.

As to why my body is sore I don't know. I do remember having a dream of running on a beach carrying a heavy water bottle in each hand. While growing up I would have dreams of being chased or physically exerting myself to wake up tired. So maybe it is a combination of everything.

For those who might be kind of freaked about me over medicating, I was on that same dosage when I started the medicine in February of 2005. It did make me extremely tired back then. As the swelling of the optic nerves went down, I was lowered to the present dosage. I did stop for a month in March 2006 but the swelling returned and I have been back on the medicine since April 2006.

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