Saturday, August 05, 2006

When You Least Expect It

Here is a funny story for you all:

I did not get much sleep last night even though I tried to go to bed early. It seems I woke up every couple hours so when 6 am rolled around I was dragging pretty hard.

This morning was our early practice for the marathon. Since our marathon start time will be 7:30 am and we will then proceed to walk 26.2 miles, our Saturday practices start at 7:30 am in order for us to adjust to this schedule.

Anyhow, it was a long practice and then I remained awake the rest of the day by visitng a friend on the way home and doing other errands. With the increase in temperature I became very lethargic when I got home and lied down for a nap about 4 pm. Apparently my nap turned into a 2 1/2 hour siesta as Harley woke me up when he came home. I would have continued to sleep otherwise.

When he woke me up he was laughing because here I was spralled out on the couch in nothing but my white cotton underwear and Team In Training shirt in front of the fan. IT WAS HOT so I ditched my pants!

While I was in this state keep in mind that even a bomb would not wake me unless it shook me off the couch! When I got up and looked at the end table next to the door and noticed a brochure with a man's picture on it. In blue ink was handwritten "Came to your door to introduce myself. Sorry I missed you!"


Because I am deaf people who know me always know to get a hold of me over the computer or text phone first so that I know to look for them and what time they are coming by. Also, I live in a rural area where our house can not be seen from the main road so I never have to worry about anyone I am not expecting coming over. Further, the dogs (even though I can't hear them) bark and most strangers figure it is a lost cause. For example, the mailman does not deliver packages.

So given all of the above, the last thing I expected was to be caught snoozing in my underwear by anybody besides Harley. LOL KUDOS to our visitor who appears to be running for a local office. He REALLY went out of his way in an attempt to introduce himself!


Laura said...

I laughed so hard when I read this! My house is extremely hot today for some reason so I am sitting at the computer catching up reading your blogs wearing nothing but a t-shirt and my underwear! I would be horrified if anyone saw me but my kids so this blog cracked me up! Thanks!!!!

Rebecca said...

I suppose it could have been worse. I could have been wearing a thong or no underwear! Now THAT would have been completely humuliating and horrifying!!!!

Rebecca said...

Laura you will not believe it!

LOL I got a post card in the mail from the person stating that he stopped by and missed me!

What a shock! He must really want my vote.

I guess I will have to stop running around the house in my undies! :oP