Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lights Out! (No Power)

Today is my first contact with the outside world via internet and newspaper I found from last Wednesday in the building recycle bin. As a deaf person in a rural area being without power is such a disconnecting experience. 4 days without leaving the house and area almost gives me the feeling of isolation like in the movie "The Village".

This will be short as it is INCREDIBLY difficult to type on this lap top. It is the only means of communication I have for this evening to the outside world. The typing problem is due to the dexterity complication I have developed from NF2. This is probably taking me 10 minutes or longer to type this. I already worked VERY hard to write a nice note in someone's online guestbook but deleted accidentally (just before finishing with my dANG NAME!!!!!).

oK i NEED TO SEND THIS AS I ALMOST DELETED this too by pressing the wrong button.

Mom & Dad, we need to cook our turkey for christmas. it is thawing out in the freezer. hope to see you next weekend if we can get gas.

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