Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where in the world is Rebecca??????

Hi! Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our power was restored last Thursday evening but we are still without internet access presently. I am at a library at a nearby town and need to leave so I will make this short.

We traveled down to Veneta, Oregon to spend Christmas with my parents and sister. Friday we got caught in the most horrific rain the whole drive down. We drove back up yesterday afternoon/evening and got poured on again! I swear they were the largest rain drops I have ever seen!

Shortly after we returned home the rain turned into snow. A friend staying with us left to spend the night at work and phoned to inform us that another tree had fallen across the road but he was able to drive around it. Hence I did not leave the house all day until it warmed and the roads were better. I am hoping that the weight of the melting snow is not going to bring down more trees and knock out our power again.

The wind storm last week brought about 5-6 trees down on our property (2 of the trees were very large and tall hemlocks). Fortunately the wind blew them in the direction AWAY from the house! It was a really nice Christmas present to have power restored after 8 days without.

Ok. I gotta go. No internet, tv, or news while living in the sticks so I cannot check the weather forecast. If you need to get a hold of me right away you can call WA state relay for the deaf at 1-800-833-6384 and then provide the operator my home phone number. Leave a message and I will try calling you back. You can still email me and I can read it when I am somewhere with access. I just cannot type back as I need an ergonomic keyboard like I have a home. Laptops are IMPOSSIBLE for me to type on (complications from NF2 which have compromised my dexterity and left me with numb finger tips which make me feel as though I have club fingers).

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