Monday, August 27, 2007

New Twist On My Classic Mango Shake

Wow! I have developed a new favorite concoction that just hits the spot!

If you have been reading with me for a couple years you know about my craze and invention of my version of the mango shake I created in 2005. Smoothies and shakes are a real wonder for those of us with NF2 because it is quite common to develop facial paralysis which makes eating a chore and burden. But also many of us NF2ers succumb to swallowing and chewing difficulties. Thus foods that glide nicely down the esophagus and that taste good are a pleasurable delight!

My facial paralysis at first glance is mild now but in December 2004 through 2005 I could not even drink from a glass and spent a year sipping things through a straw. In addition, chewing was hard and I still do have certain swallowing difficulties (why can't they make all vitamins tiny?). Hence the mango shake was born. I think if you go back to the 2005 archive my post title is "Mango Shake" if you are interested in trying my original recipe.

Well I can drink out of a glass now (and have been able to for over a year now). Still, I sure do enjoy the ease, convenience, and texture (ALSO TASTE) of yogurt smoothies or shakes. Often in a hurry I will grab a Danon light and fit smoothie which is an easy meal as it is quick, clean, and no chewing for a long time to consume it!

Here is my new spin and enhancement of the "mango shake":
Now known as the Tropical Fruity Smoothie

1 frozen C & W brand Tropical Smoothie package (it has chunks of yogurt and fruit - pineapple, mango, and maybe banana......Sorry Scott - my brother who is allergic to bananas)

A little bit of 8th continent fat free original soy milk (just enough to cover half the package contents

A little bit of L&A all natural no perservatives pineapple coconut juice (this is expensive and found near the pomegrante and blueberry juices in the organic juice section of the grocery store; I use just a small amount for the flavor)

1/2 cup to a cup of fresh honey dew melon chopped

1/4 to 1/2 of fresh sliced mango

Dethaw (Correction: I mean DEFROST. This a minor example of the complication I now have in usage and recollection of vocabulary words. Brain tumors...gotta love them.) the frozen smoothie package in the microwave for 2 minutes.....Don't fry it! The idea is that it will still be frozen but you just want to soften it enough so it purees in the blender nicely.

From the micro...add the package contents to the blender.

Pour the soy milk over half the package contents in blender.

Now add the pineapple coconut juice (1/4 to 1/3 cup)

Blend together (might want to use the pulse mode so it all gets blended and smoothed together)

Add the chopped melon and sliced mango and blend.


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