Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where to put the tumors once they are removed?

This is interesting.

I can honestly admit that earlier on in my life I had never thought about donating a tumor as part of my body. Of course everyone who drives a car and gets a new license is faced with the question of being an organ donor but never of donating a mutated part.

I guess I never thought about tumors being in my head that would have to be removed. Well heck they mind as well go to some use and not be wasteful or purposeless that they grew there. I have heard about tumor banks and other NF2 patients donating their tumors for research but I never crossed that bridge before until now. Upon researching funding opportunities and clinical trials for NF, I came upon this thought provoking topic which has my wheels turning. I guess I shall mark that also on my to do list of things that must be taken care of before the surgery.

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