Monday, November 05, 2007

Strange Tastes

My taste has changed greatly from the steroids making it so I cannot eat many things and Italian tomato sauce dishes contribute to the bad taste and nausea. I have not eaten Italian cuisine in weeks. Oddly enough, although some dishes are too spicy, I find myself able to eat things like wasabi on imitation california rolls, wasabi peanuts, and artichoke jalapeno dip or jalapeno hummus.

At the worst phase (2 weeks ago), my mouth tasted like I had been sucking on a burned metal pipe. I found myself tasting many things to get the flat icky metallic flavor out of my mouth! Many foods had a bad after taste that made the problem worse.

Since being nauseated lately, I find it difficult to find meals to eat which I would enjoy. There will be food in the fridge that I just do not feel like eating and thus I have to force myself to eat something. It is an oddity. I get more nauseous with an empty stomach. Therefore, I have to eat regularly.

Aside from my new love of wasabi peanuts, I find great comfort in Dreyer's brand Orange Cream Sherbert. I eat it everyday and if I had no sense I would eat it for every meal! It has the effect on me like a security blanket. When I was in the hospital orange sherbet was the first thing I was able to keep down. The cool smooth texture and mild taste of the ice cream was so relieving and still is! When nauseous it feels better to eat cold things rather than hot.

Comfort foods I find that I can eat:
  • cold pumpkin pie
  • cottage cheese
  • strawberry kiwi jello
  • roast chicken with gravy
  • roast turkey with gravy
  • roast pork with gravy
  • mashed potatoes
  • canned green beans
  • soups such as clam chowder or beef vegetable


Have Myelin? said...

I found your blog and even tho we don't have the same illness (I have MS) I do have the same weird taste problems and nausea. I used to eat everything and now I struggle to find something to appease my suddenly finicky palate.

Like you, anything "Italian" is off the table. One thing I can get down is plain french toast lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar (LIGHTLY) and no syrup. Sometimes I can eat an orange if it tastes like an orange. Ya know, most fruits don't taste like fruit anymore. Sigh...

I'll give the orange sherbet a try. It does sound good!

Kim said...

When my sister-in-law was going through chemo she had the same taste bud problems. Oddly, she craved bloody Mary mix-- the spicy one. I suggested V-8 thinking the vegetables would be more nutritious. Nope. Had to be bloody Mary mix. The weird thing was she never even drank alcohol before cancer. I didn't know she had ever tried a bloody Mary in her life. But because she was getting deyhydrated and wasn't drinking water, I got that bloody Mary mix for her and she loved it. So strange what chemicals can do to your taste buds adn the rest of your body. Glad you've both found foods you can eat.

Rebecca said...

Green tea wasabi peanuts are doing the trick. I eat them and I can tell endorphins are released in my brain as I get the euphoric sensation a chocolate lover gets when eating a really good truffle. Snacking on them is a relieving sensation as if they were my security blanket. I eat them every morning and day. The bag is almost empty and I will have to go buy some more. I don't know how long this will last but I will enjoy it while I can.

Raspberry shebert was too sweet and gross. It was also a different brand I got at Alberstons.

Stick with the Dreyers brand Orange Cream Sherbet. It has vanilla ice cream mixed in so I think that is why it is more mild and not so acidic or too sweet.

Yup! I went to Chili's last Saturday and ordered the Caribbean grilled chicken salad which has fresh pineapple, mandarin oranges and lime vinergarette. I could not finish it. Prior to the taste change it would have totally been up my alley! However, now it tasted like I stuck my tongue in a bowl of pure sugar! Yuck!

Rebecca said...

Yes. Chemotherapy and radiation also change your tastes and leave bad tastes in your mouth. In fact, when getting treatment they had bowls of jolly ranchers for people to suck on to mask the rancid taste in your mouth and combat nausea. It is strange because back then jolly ranchers were great but I totally could not eat them right now.

When I went through chemo the taste of alchohol was really gross. LOL So I had just the opposite affect. Thinking back now, I could drink beer before I had chemo but I have not drank it since. I hate the taste of beer. I guess that is good because I save lots of calories, money, time wasting, and health by not drinking it! :o)

Kim said...

The Bloody Mary Mix didn't have alcohol in it. I should have clarified that. She drank the mix plain. Weird-- I know.