Friday, March 14, 2008

Conquering the Section Line

Last week on Wednesday my sister and I hiked around the trails on Tiger Mountain again. It was our second time on this particular trail and because we parked at the trail head instead of walking from her house we were able to explore further up the trail.

We came to the following spot you see pictured above. On Valentine's Day we also reached this spot from a trail further east. Back then my balance was in a phase of being sort of off and it was getting late so we decided not to pursue it. Last week however I was feeling pretty good and pretty confident so I carefully climbed up this eroded and uneven portion of the trail by myself successfully! Even better, I able to ease my way down without falling over or needing to crawl.

My sister and I were so amazed that I was able to conquer this small rugged patch and continue up the narrow section line trail. The trail is rather long but we made it up as far as the remaining daylight would allow us.

How insatiably sweet it was to taste a sense of normalcy of the balance I once had if only for a fleeting moment! You never can fully realize what it is like unless you have suffered a stroke or some tragedy that has stolen your balance. The feeling is like losing a person close to you and being able to see them again for a brief few moments. You ache with longing and the pain cuts you deep that your time together is short but boy do you sure relish in the time that you do have.

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