Thursday, March 13, 2008

Training For The Climb

Here is the email update I sent out last friday regarding our training for the climb:

Well it has been an intense couple weeks of training as the climb grows closer. Only 1 week and 1 day now as the climb is next Sunday. We will be starting our ascent at 1:30 pm with my hope to complete the 69 floors within 15 minutes!

I have attached a picture of the tower taken February 22nd as seen in the Seattle skyline. It is the black building which is the tallest skyscraper hovering above the others.

Training -
For me it has been doing something daily.

brisk 1 hour walks with the dogs
once a week doing hill climbs 3 times in the neighborhood nearby
weight lifting 3 days a week
at least one 2 hour walk a week, sometimes more
running twice a week with one run ending uphill
using the stairmaster at the gym for 15 minutes completing 91 floors
practice standing and doing squats on the BOSU (both sides up device) without falling off
for balance, challenging myself with water aerobic moves once a week

As for my sister, we have been going on long walks in the area with Team Survivor NW which is a fitness program for women cancer survivors. She also often goes on hikes on the mountain trails where she lives.

A couple times over the past month my sister has visited her boyfriend's family in Portland, OR where they reside in a 11 story building. She has trained climbing the stairs in the building and last weekend completed it 7 times for a total of 77 floors!

I took 1 day completely off a couple weeks ago and felt incredibly guilty. I needed a day to rest as my energy was being sapped as I tapered off the steroids needed following surgery.

The weekend and early next week is the final push of training as we will need to recooperate for the climb at the end of the week.

Yesterday afternoon we spent 3 and a half hours snowshoeing in the Cascades with half of the journey going uphill. We were both pretty tired afterward and this morning. :o)

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! It has been really thrilling to receive your support and has motivated us! We sincerely appreciate your contributions which are being used for a very worthy purpose and attach further meaning to our efforts!

For those who would still like to donate, we are able to receive donations until April 4th on our team fundraising page.

Thanks again and keep tuned for further updates.

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday - Hike up Tiger Mountain section line trail

Thursday - Snowshoeing in the Cascades (3.5 hours)

Friday evening - Daniel's Ranch hill training (3 times up and down hill)

Saturday - 1 hour brisk walk with dogs on Snoqualmie Valley Trail; 15 minutes-91 floors on stairmaster; 45 minute weight lifting (legs)

Sunday - Snowshoeing in the Cascades (3.5 hours)

Monday - run with hills in the rain: 30 minute run-15 minute walk-15 minute run

Tuesday - 40 minute run on flat terrain:Snoqualmie Valley Trail; 1 hour of water aerobics, 30 minutes of weight lifting (arms)

Wednesday - leisure 45 minute walk; 30 minute hard weight lifting (chest)

Thursday - 1 hour 5 minute brisk walk in Daniel's Ranch (2 times up and down hill)

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