Monday, June 09, 2008

The Furry 5K - Second event of the Quest4NF

Yesterday morning completed the second feat in my quest4NF by running the Furry 5 K at Seward Park in Seattle. When my alarm first went off at 7:30 am my first reaction was to press the snooze. But then I remembered it was the day of the event and jumped out of bed.

It was easier waking up this time and having the mental and physical energy to attend the run. I was sort of excited actually. It is one of the few events in the state of Washington where owners are allowed and encouraged to participate with our dogs. Katie must have known it was a special day because she woke up immediately and came out of her house to greet me at the kitchen sliding glass doors when I came down for breakfast.

"I'm ready mommy!" as she stood alert with her tail wagging back and forth. Then Jake slowly sauntered out of his house too. Usually they are still curled up in a ball in their house until it is apparent I am going to feed them.

When we arrived there was a full park of participants and their dogs like going to some kind of fair. There were so many people there that Harley had to park the truck far away which I realized when we walked back.

I missed the start as I was waiting for Harley at the registration tables but not knowing he needed a bib number (as he was a walker), he was waiting at the starting line which was a different location. I waited as long as I could and finally gave up and headed to the start where we ran into each other.

There were so many walkers to move through that I reached the start a couple minutes after 10 am which was the start time for the run. Thus, I checked the time on my watch and started running. However, it took some time to move through the walkers who started early (their start time as indicated on the sign at registration was supposed to be 10:10 am.) All I can figure is there must have been some confusion and they started at the same time as the runners. The entire road was filled and I had to weave around them off to the side on the dirt trail or grass.

I finally made it past all the walkers after the first mile. I am sure glad I practiced running uphill as there unexpectedly was a hill in the middle of the course and then a gradual incline again after mile 2. Many people got pooped out and walked up these portions but I continued chugging along greatly relieved when I reached the top.

After rounding the second hill I kicked in my energy reserve as I knew there was not that much further to go. It was down hill for a short bit and then a flat easy stretch to home! It was great as I unusually passed many other people in a running event.

Upon crossing the finish I checked again with my watch. As was my time in last weekend's 5 K, I completed the course in 28 minutes.

After the run I walked backward through the course to meetup with Harley and the dogs at about the mile and a 1/2 or 3/4 mark. I decided it was best Katie and Jake walked with Harley after the rabbit incident on Wednesday evening. There are bunnies at this park and I was not sure if any were going to run out to distract them. Additionally, with so many other dogs which they are not used to encountering on our trail runs, I was uncertain how they would react and behave. I did not want them pulling on the leash throwing off my balance nor cutting in front of me.

I am very proud of them. They behaved very well both during the fun run/walk and afterward. They enjoyed filling up on treats at the various vendors present. This was a special priviledge as we normally are very conservative on dolling out treats. They made a haul coming home with 2 big bags of yummies!

Registration fees for the event went to supporting the Seattle Animal Shelter which cares for abandoned, abused, lost, and injured pets.

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