Monday, June 23, 2008

High Mile Week

Wow! This week I did not take a day off and increased my walking time on several days. Longer time = further distance. In addition, I wore the pedometers during my normal activity too. Holy cow I walk a lot and don't even realize it! One night I had walked a mile just in my house running up and down the stairs and out in the yard just doing things. I wonder how many extra miles I walked that I did not even record?

I got the idea to wear the pedometer all the time by another family circle walking challenge participant. It sounded like a great idea so I tried it out this week. I almost find it unbelievable sometimes the additional miles I cover just scurrying from here to there that I feel guilty logging them and cut some a little shy. With the increase in days of the week and time, I have hit a record week of 54 miles! That is just last Monday through yesterday (Sunday)

To date, starting from May 12th, I have logged 184 miles.

I have yet to put on the pedometer yet and have already been up and down the stairs many times.

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