Monday, July 21, 2008

Filling the Bucket - Bucket List that is.

In the past few weeks amidst training and fundraising, I have been taking some time to fulfill some bucket list items.

What is a bucket list you may ask? Well if you do not already know and have not seen the incredibly inspirational and heartwarming movie the "Bucket List" with outstanding actors Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it is a basically a list of things important to you that you wish to do at some point in your lifetime. It does not mean you are going to "kick the bucket" so to say anytime soon but that you simply realize how short life really is and that it is worth the time to pursue your ambitions before they slip away.

I have had such a list actually for a long time as I am a cancer survivor and got a glimpse at my own mortality at a young age. I never called it a bucket list but just a "list" of things which I have wanted to do while there is still time. Every year I have successfully completed or have done something on this list. There are a few items for either an unknown reason or inability of resources as to why some things I had never done for many years.

Ironically, I have never told Harley about this list but he was aware of some of the things I wanted to do. Because of his attentiveness and loving, it has been a summer doing some of these things we never did.

Kayaking around the University of Washington canal and arboretum along the shoreline of lake Washington where we got up close to great blue herrings and baby ducks and geese.

Watching the 4th of July fireworks in Seattle from a boat. Thanks Luke and Jessica!

Visiting the VanCouver BC aquarium (where we went on our anniversary last Wednesday July 16).

There are a few more bucket list items in the works - one I have waited 10 years or more to do and the other I have been desiring to do since spring 2004 before I lost my balance (scuba dive again).


Kathy said...

Holy beans! You are soooo right on the money here! It's so very important not to let life pass you by. I myself have always had a list of things to do before I die. I really became aware of how short life is after my parents died when I was 10. They were in their early 50's. I think I go all gung ho about my dreams even more-so now with having MM. You never know when it's gonna kick ya in the heine & I refuse to let it rule my life. But yet there are still things on my good ole "to do" list. It gives me something to look forward to...even on those yucky blucky feel like crappolla days when life seems not too swellacious.

p.s. I have really been missin your posts lady =) Oh, and happy belated anniversary to you & Harley!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary, Beck! I'm glad you and Harley have moments to share and revel in, and so accessible! I'm imagining the feelings of being there... So splendid!

We just rented Bucket List. I started watching it, but the subtitles are so hard to see, I've missed a lot of the dialogue. I guess I'll try again!

You made me notice that the things I end up most wanting to do are the unexpected opportunities that arise with living. Thanks for bringing back a bunch of dormant musings of mine. Very beneficial for happiness!

All the best with your training and fundraising!

Hugs, Jamie