Monday, April 20, 2009

Today I am Grateful for Life!

As I enjoyed my very satisfying peanut butter banana english muffin during breakfast, I admired the stunning beauty of Jake's coat glistening in the morning sun. Like a champion, he stood erect with a stature and musculature to admire.

I reflected on how important a role our dogs (Katie and Jake) play in our lives. They have gotten us through some tough times and I am incredibly blessed to have them. Further, they bring much joy to our hearts! What would the world be like without them?

Suddenly, it flashed before me of what an incredible gift animals bring to the world. Even if you are not a pet owner or even an "animal lover", I think you would be hard pressed to say that an animal has never brought even the faintest glimpse of joy to your life. Ever been fascinated at an aquarium, zoo, or by wildlife out in their element? If you absolutely cannot recall any moment of exhiliration on seeing such a sight, then I would say you are missing out on one of the greatest wonders of life!

Thinking a bit further, I absorbed the warmth and peace of the sunny calm of the morning and all the life bursting forth in the trees, grass, and other plant life. Spring is my favorite season as I love watching new life becoming annew again. It brings optimism and hope to my life.

How blessed are we to be granted these incredible gifts of creation! I am extremely grateful to recognize the beauty that God has bestowed upon us and that I am able to be open to the enhancement they bring to my life! It is freeing to fully allow such joy into my heart even in the midst of an uncertain future with in incurable condition and growing brain tumors. In these special moments, I am able to put all that grief and worry aside, and savor what life has to offer.

I hope you find it too, for that is my wish and blessing for you!

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