Wednesday, May 06, 2009

13.1 miles in 2:04:28; Eugene Half Marathon

Here I am the running the last mile. I was a little afraid to put forth too much energy on this last stretch because I saw people running in the opposite direction. I was worried I was going to have to run back the other direction before reaching the finish! hehe Thank goodness when I made it to the corner it was clear that those were people far behind and that I did not have to repeat that stretch!
The ribbons on my back are in memory and honor of donors or their family members with NF2.

At times of economical turmoil in this country, I am thankful, amazed, and honored for the support of many generous people! I know there are several very good causes out there and I am familiar with what it is like to have to be choosy as it is difficult to support them all. I am incredibly touched by those who recognized a real and dire need for NF2 research and chose to support my efforts. I am forever grateful to you and I know the rest of the NF2 community is also. For the 2009 half marathon, I raised over $5000 and miraculously met my fundraising goal by the event! Two weeks prior I was barely at a quarter way toward reaching my goal. I was a little worried as I knew after the event I would have to shift my focus to addressing another growing tumor over the next couple months.

It is not too late to donate and I will be able to accept donations on my fundraising page for the next month and checks throughout the remainder of the year.

For those far away or those near who sincerely would like to help with my current medical situation but do not have time to give, I would GREATLY appreciate a contribution of any amount you are able to offer and want to share toward my fundraising efforts for NF2 research.

Donations can be made securely online at my fundraising page at

What is NF2 research?

Currently radiosurgery and surgery are ineffective at stopping the growth of our brain, spinal, and other tumors on nerves in the body. Researchers are working hard testing different theraputics to find one that will stop this cellular growth which causes hearing loss, vision loss, loss of balance or mobility, loss of motor function, and many other essential abilities needed to function normally (see my previous post explaining NF2).

Thanks again to all who helped me to acheive this goal and made it possible for me!

In the coming weeks and months, I will be discussing what is coming up next for me. So keep checking in and happy May NF Awarenss Month!

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