Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Produce the Doctors - Please vote for my idea

I just learned of the show and the NF2 community wanting to get a program about NF2 so we can spread awareness. We want to stress our need for support for NF2 research as there is no cure. As a result, some die and some suffer devastating side effects which severely affect their quality of life. I can imagine I make living with NF2 look quite easy with all the activities I engage in. In reality, it is not that simple for many.

Thus, in addition to writing on this blog, I have further decided to expose myself for the benefit of the NF2 cause by offering the documentation of my surgery. My idea for a show that I submitted is "Undergoing a Major Brain Surgery". In order to be considered, I need as many people as possible to visit the following website and vote for my idea. You need to hurry however as my surgery is October 21st. For those of you who live afar and really wish there was something you could do to help with the upcoming surgery, this is the perfect opportunity. This is what I really want. I want you to support whatever I am doing in regards to NF2 in whatever way you can. Voting costs you absolutely nothing and will take less than a minute of your time. Now how easy is that?
Here is the link to visit and vote:


Here is the idea that I submitted:

Hello! I am about to undergo a second major brain surgery for a tumor severely compressing my brainstem. These tumors are the hallmark of a condition known as NF2 - Neurofibromatosis Type II. Sooner or later all of us need to get the same kind of surgery and some need the surgery several times as there is no cure currently for NF2. Thus, the tumors grow back - some sooner than others.
These tumors have caused me to become completely deafened, impaired my vision, and stolen my balance function. The surgery is to save my life and preserve my present quality of life if possible. Even with such devastating side effects, I am doing quite well compared to others who have suffered from this disorder.
My surgery is coming up fast! If you miss it, there are always others of us checking in and out of the hospital for brain surgery (and spine surgery). I can't keep track who is going in for surgery as it is that many.
One may follow my progess and the days leading up to my surgery on my blog at www.diverbeck.blogspot.com

Thank you sincerely for your help!


Kathy said...

You've got my vote sunshine!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I am up to 600 points today and need 40 more votes to be in the top surgery category for my idea to be considered.