Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Morning Sun Breaks

Saturday, halloween morning greeted us with the sun after many bleak rainy and sick days. After a 2 mile afternoon walk the day prior, I felt up to getting out and about. My mother in law Cheryl and I took a trip to the farmer's market in town where we paraded the dogs around in a little doggie halloween fun. Later, we stopped at the famous Remlinger farm for our strawberry rhubarb and berry pies.
I had decided I was well enough to go out that evening so we spent the rest of the afternoon last minute shopping for a costume for myself. We missed the corn maze but were able to take in the 1 mile walk through the haunted forest at Beaver lake friday night.
Thanks Paul and Jake for inviting us to your home so we could get out and enjoy the
festivities. The party was a hit and Harley really enjoyed being "creepy grandma".
For now I need to keep the blog posts short and just post pictures as I am having double vision problems and it is hard to see and type. This is a common side effect after a brain surgery which I am hoping passes soon. Today I also had a little bit of a steroid withdrawal as I have ended my taper. I had a bad headache concentrated around my eyes. Thus I could not read nor watch captioning on TV. I spent most of the day resting, sleeping on and off and I watched a relaxing underwater documentary (just film).
Have a nice week all and thank you for reading/following my progress.

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