Monday, January 11, 2010


Happy 2010! I am back now from a recovery and holiday break. I am doing great and sorry if I worried anyone. I guess I took a vacation from the blog and did not think anyone would really notice much until a friend mentioned I have not blogged since November 30th. I have been EXTREMELY busy living! Not entirely certain how it is for everyone with NF2 but for most fellow cancer survivors I know, life seems to whiz by as we occupy ourselves with making the most of our days as we realize just how short life really is.

It is interesting. Right after surgery when in the hospital and sick, life just seems painfully slow as you wait for the minutes to tick by until you can be out and well again. When I first came home and my first day back alone in the house, I was so sick I could barely stand it! In fact, it seemed like one of the longest days of my life and I begged Harley to come home early that evening to take me back to the hospital. The wait in the emergency room was just unbearable and by the time they called me to check in and asked me a question, I burst out sobbing and could not speak.

But I am back and doing phenemonally well! My recovery has been remarkable and I healed fast! Since thanksgiving, I walked a half marathon at a pretty good pace, returned to the gym and strength training 3 times a week, commenced my weekly sessions on core strength with my trainer Paul, returned to running several times a week and added hill training (in fact last night I went for over a 4 mile run), baked for 13 people over the holidays, wrote out over 100 cards (it seems I bought 150 christmas stamps and I used them all!), decorated 3 christmas trees, and took 2 trips to Oregon. Between my exhaustion of working out, home responsibilities, a crazy intermittently operating keyboard, and limited time, I fell victim to blog burnout.

But I am back now and still plan to finish my story about my surgery and recovery for those of you facing the same.

For the new year we have many exciting and big projects going on that I will reveal over time. Our big focus this year is to get in the best shape of our lives. Other than the very obvious need to maintain that due to my health/medical situation, we have an extreme challenge that we are preparing for. So stayed tuned to see and read the wrap up for 2009 and find out what is in store in 2010! ;+)

Thanks for reading and your loyalty over the years!


shashank said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca, I'm reading your posts throughout the years and I'm absolutely amazed by your strength and positive energy. I'm not writing for me though, I have a friend who is 29 and is wondering if to do this 3rd surgery to remove a tumour which has grown back. Her fear is that the damage that was done to her facial nerves will be worst this time around.
She, like you,is amazingly strong.How is it that you've done these surgeries and other than what you've stated no one would ever guess that you're going through this?

We're working on getting her positive and upbeat but I think she just doesn't have the energy to be going though it every few years.

Any advice?
Thanks a mil for any help.