Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Not Missing a Beat!

Ollalie Lake
Photos by Team Survivor NW member Diane Bowlin
Alpine Tiger Lily
Hike Leader Elaine, Sarah and Me at one of the many stream crossings

I REALLY love hiking and do everything in my power to not miss anymore of my weekly hiking escapades with my cancer survivor friends. HEHE I make a point to try to schedule my medical appointments on days of the week which do not conflict with our Wednesday hike time. So I request appointments either at the end of the week or beginning so I am either back in time for a hike or leave the next day. For this last trip I made darn sure I went on the hike Wednesday, left on the train for Portland Thursday morning, and then took the train back to Seattle Tuesday afternoon following my morning appointment so I could be back on the trail again the next morning! :D

The exception is that I could not coordinate my NIH visit around my group hike day. They have me leaving early Wednesday morning August 24th for travel all day and then appointments on the 25th. :( grumble.....So I will miss at least one more group hike this season. Hopefully it will not be at too cool of a trail or at least something closeby that I can make up on my own time. (I do not drive too far anymore.)

I also have to figure this in to my marathon training schedule while ALSO doing strength training and working with a trainer once a week. I run 4 days a week with increasing mileage per week and as the week unfolds. So far I am keeping up but I drastically had to cut back on my strength training either cutting down the amount of days I go or greatly decreasing the amount of weight I lift or both. That is ok because what is important right now is that I have the energy and stamina to take on longer and longer runs. I had a difficult time last week with training immediately after a 4 mile run. My nutrition was off so I was so tired and felt weak having difficulty focusing during my session with Merrie.

This week so far I am only hiking one day because I am catching up on all the work I slacked off on during "playtime". Tomorrow I plan to be back out there again.

I forgot my camera in someone's car but cancer pal Diane Bowlin was nice to share a few photos with me of our Pratt Lake Basin hike last week.

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imbossok said...

Hello there, we just stumbled on your blog, my partner Joanne, also has NF2 and was diagnosed in 1990 to date she has had over 30 operations including 6 brain ops, last one was 3 weeks ago, she is now completely deaf and has facial paralysis to the left side and no balance and of course several other problems however, she still wakes up with a smile everyday, must be my charm and wit, you take care and we wish you luck for the future, Roger and Joanne.