Monday, September 10, 2007

1 month 11 days PRE surgery

Wow! Time is totally escaping me! I have been doing fine but just very busy. Believe me I have no lack of things to write about. In fact I need some sort of telepathic electronic device to transmit my thoughts into a computer. One of those pads you talk into that Captain Picard had on StarTrek the Next Generation would be cool! I do so much thinking that I actually come to believe I may have already written something here until I visit and come to discover "Oh I guess I only wrote a couple posts last month".

I have drafts that I started writing and did not finish or post from a month or two ago and then I have a list here of at least six things I wanted to write about AND thought about last week. The problem is that I am always thinking of these things at an inappropriate time when I am not sitting at the computer allowing the flow of creativity to emit from my fingertips (my thinking happens when I am out walking the dogs, running, or should be or at least trying to sleep!).

Anyhow, I just put the time remaining into perspective and started the count. I did not realize it was that short of days until my surgery. That is less than a month and a half!!!! I thought I had 2 months!

There are lots of preparations to be made for surgery. In case you were wondering, that is what I have been doing. There is not time to mope around. I did that back in May and June (and maybe part of April). Now I have turned from grasshopper into ant. It is time to get things all in check as I really don't know what my state will be afterward or how long or difficult recovery be. I have made lots of lists: lists of things inside the house to do, lists of things outside the house to do, lists for keeping track of things I take care for anyone who may need to help me afterward, list of things to pack for the surgery, list of instructions to give medical staff, list of appointments I need to schedule before the surgery (MRI of head again and spine this time, followup visit with the neuro-ophthalmologist, dental cleaning), etc. lists.

As part of the preparation I also need to adhere to a better sleeping schedule which is VERY difficult! I thought last night would be a good time to start. The plan was to go to bed early and get up at the crack of dawn. Well 8 pm rolled around and I was just finishing cooking dinner! After taking my Diamox, melatonin, and chamomile tea I turned the lights out at 10:20 pm and had set my alarm for 6:20 am.

What a miserable night. I don't know if I was super anxious to wake up early and get a lot of stuff done but I had HORRIBLE sleep. The first time I woke up was about an hour after I laid down. I think I woke up about 6 times during the course of the evening. Everytime I would excitedly look at the clock hoping I got at least 4 hours of good sleep! To my dismay I was waking up every hour or two. The result was a big dang headache when it was finally time to get up and puffball eye lids! Surely that cannot be good for the brain.

Fortunately I was able to stay awake the whole day (it went by so fast) and I was able to take the dogs on an hour morning brisk walk, go to water aerobics, and lift weights for a half hour afterward. LOL After all that I was pretty tired but I managed to stay awake and just dosed off for maybe a half hour after eating dinner.

My goal tonight is to be in bed by midnight so I am going to have to end this here and maybe I will get to those other posts I wanted to write tomorrow (no promises though as these lists and tasks take priority).

Have a good week and send me good sleep vibes. I HAVE to get some consistent sleep!

- Beck :o)

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