Monday, September 24, 2007

Going Strong!

We received updates around 5:00pm and 7:00pm as the surgery progressed. Everything went very well and the surgeon came down to chat with us as the procedure was wrapping up. Basically, it went great! The two tumors (Acoustic Neuroma and smaller Meningioma) being targeted were found and the doctor said they were both very large... larger than we initially thought! The meningioma was taken out (completely I think). He also found that with Becky's previous cyberknife radiosurgery on the AN (larger tumor) the tumor had fused to the brain stem and facial nerve, so he got as close as he could without doing any damage. BUT, that means more surgeries depending on how fast the tumor grows back (which we were expecting). As the night drew on, we were one of only two families left in the waiting room... even the receptionist had gone. Around 10:00pm the phone in the waiting room rang so my mom picked it up! It was good news about Becky's surgery, and she could hear Becky in the background saying she wanted to get up... a great sign so soon after! So, after all that waiting, we were told it would be another two hours before Becky would have another brain scan done and get settled in the recovery area to sleep for the night. So, we decided to get some sleep too and see her bright and early in the morning, when I'm sure her urge to get up out of bed will still be there!:-) Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear of your successful surgery. I knew you were in good hands as I have trusted Dr. Delashaw twice now with my own surgeries. Bless you!

Karen Stueland said...

Sounds like Beck!! Already want to get up and go on with her life as usual! So relieved it is over! Thanks for keeping us posted!!!!!

Karen and Sam

Darlene said...

I'm so glad to hear it went well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and thanks for taking time to post the update!

Darlene P.

Anonymous said...

We knew that with Beck's fierce determination and zest for life that she would come out of this with flying colors and we're so relieved to hear how well things went!!
Thank you so much for keeping us all updated!
Laura, Cody & Destiny

KC said...