Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sucky Sunday

Oh I feel so sick again. Right now I am trying t eat another cheese stick. It is cold and not sweet. Sweet things makes me gag. I am so sick that I don't even want to drink water unless I really have to.

My friend Angel came over today. I was sleeping on the couch for the first hour she was here. She visited with Harley which was a good thing. Then when I awoke she helped me fold laundry. Actually SHE folded the laundry and I slowly put it away. She gives the BEST hugs! It was nice to see her and to get 2 of her special hugs. That comforted my day!

My beautiful birthday lilies are opening which excites me and creates a pleasant distraction from my malady. It is like when you see baby chickens finally hatch out of the eggs.

I could take it no longer. I asked Harley to call the pharmacist to see if I could get some kind of relief. It is so hard to do anything. I am still in my pajamas and I will stay in them the rest of the day. My head hurts, eyes, muscles are sore, my head feels hot, even though I am deaf my ears are ringing and I cannot hear my own voice anymore, and everytime I move around or sit up I feel like I am going to vomit. It is just awful! The cheese stick feels really good.

The pharmacist said to talk to the doctor so Harley called and spoke to whoever was on call and on staff today. I am to stop taking the Tegretol (hope that does the trick!). My next dosage was to be at 4 pm. The on call doctor felt it was the Tegretol making me sick as it started yesterday and I began the Tegretol at 3 am Friday morning. The steroids I started Tuesday night.

If the pain comes back I am to take the Tegretol again but cut the pills in half. As far as the Zofran, doctors do not like to prescribe it unless it is really needed. First of all, it is INCREDIBLY expensive. Second of all, we don't want to get too many drugs pumping through my body. Thus, I will try going off the Tegretol which hopefully works. If I am still sick, then tomorrow we can get a Zofran prescription called in.

I need to concentrate on typing up instructions for special care I need at the hospital, my meds and supplements, and things I need to pack. It is SO HARD to do right now. I just want to lie around. It is no fun being up when so sick!

The dogs know something is up. Katie lied around depressed all day yesterday even though Marlen had offered her a nice tasty basted raw hide bone which she LOVES. Jake was accepting but it is HIGHLY unusual for Katie to pass up ANY treat. Jake has been sitting outside the kitchen sliding glass door looking inside. He looked really sad this morning. It is raining now so they are probably in their dog houses.


mike Simon said...


My name is Mike Simon and was diagnosed with NF2 in December of 06. From reading your blog I am where you were in 2000, in terms of tumor size. I would like to ask you some questions if you have time. My e-mail is brief summary:
36 year old male, in great shape (other then NF2)
My left an is 4mm and right is 6mm
Hearing is still almost perfect in both ears.
Mild cases with balance. Had a 6 -8 week period of frequent cases of vertigo.
I am thinking about getting the right AN removed at Barrows Neurological Association in Phoenix(where I live)
Afraid to live with the effects of radiation and the poor performance on NF2 tumors.
Let me know if I can send you an e-mail with questions because I would appreciate your input.

Thank You,
Mike Simon

Michelle said...

Hi Beck, sorry you are so sick... try ginger in a cup of tea? DJ's aunt gave him that for nausea after the radiation. Hope you feel better soon, and we'll see you in no time! Love you lots! ~Michelle

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. I wish I could send you a hug and make it all better. You're in our thoughts and prayers every day. I hope you start to feel better soon.
Love and miss you,

Kristy said...

Hi, Rebecca, I'm praying for you. I'm going to visit you after you're out of the ICU. I've got my friends, family, and church family praying for you. You're a fighter and you're going to make it through this.
Mango is highly acidic, there are a lot of things to avoid--fried foods, fatty foods, tomatoes, juice (any juice at all, in my experience), etc. Try drinking some milk or soy milk or rice milk, whichever you prefer, it helps lower the acid level or something like that.
You're in my prayers. :)