Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Good Day

Hello everyone. This is Becky's brother Scott filling in while she's recovering. Today was a great day for her. The major news of the day is that Becky had a visit from a neuro-opthamologist and a bunch of med students that came with him. As he looked over Becky he quizzed the students on her condition. Harley came in "head of the class" as he was able to answer all of the doctor's questions that stumped the students. The end result of the evaluation is that Becky's double vision should go away as the swelling from the surgery decreases. It may take up to two months for her double vision to completely resolve. Although the night was a bit rough for Becky; she had a good appetite and was able to eat and keep down everything she consumed today. She also walked around quite a bit today and all the doctors and physical therapists are amazed at her speedy recovery. Mom, Michelle, my wife Denise and I went to the Nike employee store today and were able to pick Becky up some comfortable exercise clothes that will work great for her physical therapy exercises when she gets home. Speaking of home, Becky will likely be heading home tomorrow or Saturday depending on whether or not her nausea subsides. Well, that's the second half of the day in a nutshell. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers; they are working great! Becky says thank you very much for everything and she will respond as soon as she can. Take care!


Anonymous said...

What great news that you will be heading home today or tomorrow, Becky! As someone else mentioned, you are such an inspiration to so many people, me included. I appreciate your positive, can-do attitude. I know that you are going to lick this thing. I look forward to reading that you are at home. Thanks to your family for the blogs; I'm glad to be kept updated!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well. I have been checking the blog every day and am just amazed at how well things have been overall! I will keep you all in my thoughts as you travel home.

Jennifer Christianson

Unknown said...

God is so good! Praise the Lord that you are recovering so quickly, Rebecca! I was planning on driving down to Portland to visit you this weekend, but now it seems you might be back by then! I'm very excited about this!