Friday, September 14, 2007

Nice Surprise Today

Harley and I went walking with the dogs in Carnation on the Snoqualmie Valley trail today to lead a walk with team survivor northwest.

On the drive home we were both really stressed out about the fast approaching surgery date and miscommunication of expectations on staying down in Oregon a week. (I got it in my head we were staying there the from the pre-op appointment until surgery which is less than a week. Harley thought we were driving back and then going back down for the surgery).

Anyhow, we were both stressed. It has been a stressful couple days and thinking clearly has been challenging. The trigeminal neuralgia episodes have left me exhausted and have had an effect on Harley too.

When I climbed the stairs to the front door after being frustrated, I found a pretty packaged green and brown box propped against the door. Inside the package were flowers from Harley's mom (my mother-in-law) for my birthday which is next Saturday.

They could not have arrived at a more perfect time! First of all I love opening packages and second of all I love flowers. What a great emotional uplift! The flowers are lilies (very aromatic when open) in nice fall colors (it looks like there are both orange and yellow ones) with a nice rust color vase to match. How exciting!

Harley wanted to open them right away and I told him the flowers need special care and we needed to read the directions before just dunking them in water.

This arrived at a perfect time as the flowers will be blooming during the time we are here.

Thank you Cheryl! That was so nice of you and it uplifted both of our spirits! :o)

Also, my mom gave me a beautiful pot of mums that looked purple or pink in color as they were not fully opened. We celebrated my birthday early over labor day weekend at the beach with my sister and her boyfriend's family.

Luckily I had an empty pot sitting on my kitchen window sill to which I wanted to buy a nice plant to fill it. The pot of mums fit in there perfectly and they are lovely! The centers are white and green with lavendar color on the outer petals.

Thanks mom! :o)

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