Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby food mess

This is Harley, Rebecca's husband taking over for Michelle who has been doing such a great job posting. It is about 2PM and Becky's mom and sister are (hopefully) getting some much needed rest as they stayed up with Becky most of last night. Becky did a full lap around the hallway.....she just kept going, and going. The physical therapist was amazed! She still has double vision, facial weakness, and up-chucking EVERYTHING! She ate a little baby food applesauce today and then I helped her to the bathroom where she projectile vomited right on my Keen sandal! Good thing there was a hand shower and a floor drain right there LOL.

Other than that, her color looks great and she is just as mentally sharp as before. The incision is very clean looking and I am sure it will heal up nicely. She looks so cute lying in bed, but she doesn't beleive me when I tell her that. Right now she is just working really hard trying not to be sick.


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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
I am so greatful that Beck is thru surgery and the outcome is favorable. We have been praying for you every day. I finally got on the blog today and am now caught up. Tell Beck to keep up the good work. She is so strong!
Barb, Jason and Amelia