Friday, February 18, 2005

02-16-05 Daily report

I was wakened at 5 am this morning with a SCREAMING headache. I would venture to say that this was the worst one yet! However, this headache did not cause me to throw up and I was able to take the excedrin without a problem. I lied back down to let the excedrin kick in which took about 20 minutes.

The rest of the day I felt pretty good. I spent some time in the morning at the computer and lied down for an hour nap. I need to take 1 or 2 naps daily as I will all of a sudden become fatigued and can fall asleep just about anywhere.

For lunch Harley and I met a friend at the Indian Buffet. Normally it is hard to eat at buffets when off the steroids but I had not eaten at all yet so if worked out pretty good. I asked for a straw this time and was able to drink lots of water. At a certain point I was having swallowing difficulty again so I had to start taking smaller bites, eat more slowly, and douse each bite with a little water.

I do not know about you but we just LOVE Indian food! Thai is also one of our favorites. I am sure glad I have not lost my taste for either one. Eating these spicy dishes does not seem to bother me and I actually prefer it. However, mexican I can't eat sometimes and chinese is a most definite no. Maybe it is the grease content and flavor in the latter.

The rest of the day I recall being tired and a little off balance - dizzy.

We walked the dogs between 5 and 6 pm so I had to use a hiking stick as I really lose orientation as it gets dark. Often I walk around the house as if I am on a boat. I bump back and forth between walls and stationary objects. I have bruises all over my body as when I first wake up I am really disoriented and have to be careful.

When we got home I lost my orientation and fell on the stone coffee table again. I have learned not to leave glassware sitting there anymore as I sat on a glass a few months ago. I had gotten up off the couch and only the light emitting from the tv was present. Somehow I had lost my sense of balance and just sat on the table. When I did so, I felt a crunch underneath myself. I was stunned but also almost afraid to look. I looked down and there was glass everywhere and the bottom remnants of a glass. I then pulled up my leg to view the back of my thigh. Just the sight of the blood and deep gastly wound made me sickened and nearly pass out. It did not hurt at first because I think I was in a state of shock. The cut was so deep that it took a long time to heal and I have a huge dark scar as a result.

The moral of the story?
Don't leave breakable items and dangerous objects sitting in places where you might hurt yourself.

The rest of the night I took a long nap from about 7:30 to 12:30 pm and woke up to watch Atlantis (good movie). After the movie ended (about 2 am) I had another very bad headache before going to bed. I took excedrin but this time I was really nauseated and sick. I chewed some Gaviscon tablets and tried to cure my episode of the chills under a mound of blankets. I did not even put on my pajamas. Within about 15 minutes I think the chills went away and I fell asleep.


Kristy said...

Have you been to Namasthe? It's a vegetarian Indian restaurant on Redmond Way. :) It's very good! It's only $6.95 per person for their lunch buffet.
Also, have you tried Thai Ginger? It's a great Thai restaurant at the Redmond Town Center. :)

Rebecca said...

that is the fantastic indian restaurant I was telling you about but forgot the name. Isn't it great! They make fantastic mango shakes there!

I think I went to Thai Ginger with a friend once. Is it up on the second floor next to the yuppie bean bag store (the most expensive bags I have ever encountered but very comfortable)?

Kristy said...

Yeah, that's cool, you've already been to both places. :) I didn't get a chance to try the mango shakes yet at Namasthe, but I definitely will. :)